Unmatched spectrum and energy efficiency via NFV-compatible virtualized Base Station Cloud-RAN solutions

By transforming all layers and functions of the traditional base-station into Compute-compatible software virtualized on standard COTS platforms, all resources are instantly sharable, scalable and economical.


Communication as a Service
A single unified platform that
supports neutral hosts and Carrier
of Carriers.

One platform fits all
Co-locates all NFV VNFs and VASs
on the same virtualized platform
and management system.

Capacity Enhancement
Facilitates partners' advanced
centralized resource management


Plug n' Play expanded network
coverage and capacity

From single sector to tens of
thousands, at flip of a switch
Flexible virtual antenna.

Adjustable MIMO antenna
configuration type by adding
resources, not by redesign.

Forward compatibility
Enables reconfiguration of resource blocks for different modulations,
paving the way to 5G.


Lower TCO
Reduced 'rip and replace' through

programmable, future- proof
platform, without the need for
hardware upgrades.

Open platform
Enables multiple vendor-play
throughout entire solution.

Low initial investment
'Pay as you Grow' and
'Infrastructure as a Service' (IaaS)
service business models.

Transforming RAN into Software-based Modular Components

Complete virtualization. Real-time configuration. Software abstraction.
Powered by ASOCS’ Software-Defined Access (SDA) Technologies.

Modular MPU


ASOCS Modem Processing Unit
(MPU) is a fully modular L1 Base
Station resource Hardware
Acceleration (HWA) platform.

MPL Software

ASOCS Modem Programing
Language (MPL) is a Software
Abstraction Layer that enables
the virtualization of MPU
resources, on-the-fly Multi-Radio
Access Technologies (Multi-RAT)
configuration, function service
chaining and Base Station software

ROC Platform

ASOCS Real-time on COTS (ROC),
is an open-source based, crossplatform
software solution. This
solution sets the bar for missioncritical,
data-plane systems to
leverage and transform the
massive-scale IT server market,
cloud computing and Software
Defined Networking (SDN)
technologies into a secure, reliable
and deterministic, real-time

Virtual base station solution architecture.

A disruptive modular solution to vBS implementation using ASOCS SDA technologies.

METRO Networks
Modular open
platform, no limitations

Hybrid on and off cell-site data
processing for optimized front haul.
On-the-fly sectors and RRHs/
antenna configuration for
maximum coverage and capacity.

MEGA Networks
Highest spectrum,
lowest Capex/Opex

Reduced operational, capital and
energy expenditures through
virtualization and centralization of
all layers and resources.
Advanced radio access
technologies and features.

High quality coverage, any environment

Next-Gen business operations.
Communication as a Service (CaaS) & Carrier of Carriers business models.
Co-located NFV & VAS apps.

MICRO Networks

Low interference,
high capacity

vBS in an on-site micro-Cloud
for In-building, neutral host and
Enterprise RAN.
Converting DAS to DRAS
(Distributed Radio Antenna System)
to improve spectrum efficiency.

ASOCS Core Technologies