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Neptune: Israeli Networking Consortium Conducts Pioneering SDN/NFV Demostration


PETAH TIKVA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Neptune, the Israeli Consortium for Network Programming, has announced that it has recently performed a general demonstration of its pioneering technologies.


Network Function Virtualization (NFV) initiative carried out by carriers around the globe aiming to virtualize network services currently being carried out by proprietary, dedicated hardware.


Virtualizing baseband processing in the Radio Access Network (RAN) is one of the hardest elements to virtualize due to its real-time nature. ASOCS’ virtual base station (vBS) runs software performing real-time baseband processing on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers using a cloud-architecture. This fully virtualized solution allows for dynamic and automated allocation of baseband resources based on actual data traffic, eliminating the need to over provision base stations to meet peak demand. The vBS is designed for networks at any scale, from nationwide outdoor networks to campus and in-building networks.


Wireless users are consuming more data than ever before, which is straining the carrier networks. With over 80% of mobile usage happening indoors, more and more carriers are adding capacity inside buildings- at the edge of their network. Using base stations connected to Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), carriers are delivering enhanced services to their users where most data is being consumed. To address this need, ASOCS has integrated its vBS with DAS solutions creating an and end-to-end vRAN solution.


“The value of bringing capacity into the enterprise in the form of a virtual Base Station is two-fold. First, being a cloud based on standard IT-servers, the solution looks and feels like any other IT cloud, and is simple to implement and manage. Second, it creates an open mobile edge cloud (OMEC) for carriers or enterprises to offer applications that either consume a lot of bandwidth, require low-latency performance, or can terminate locally without traveling back to the core network,” said Eran Bello, Chief Marketing Officer, ASOCS.  


“The pre-integrated ASOCS’s vRAN solution and cellular processing capabilities with HPE’s OpenNFV platform and IT telecommunications expertise enables communications service providers (CSPs) a fast transition to a multi-vendor NFV solution at their network edge, where a great deal of capacity is consumed,” said Werner Schaefer, vice president & general manager, NFV, HPE.


ASOCS is demonstrating its vRAN solution at MWC2017 at stand 2E60, Hall 2 in the IMA Pavilion and at the HPE OpenNFV Partner Showcase at stand 3E11, Hall 3.


Watch the ASOCS in-building vRAN solution video here.


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ASOCS is a pioneer in virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN) and a provider of fully virtualized, NFV-compatible virtual Base Station (vBS) solutions. Transitioning LTE baseband processing from proprietary, bundled hardware, to a software-rich application that runs on Commercial Off -The-Shelf (COTS) servers significantly improves spectrum efficiency, and enables Open Mobile Edge Clouds (OMEC) at any scale, from in-building and campus deployments to outdoor Macro networks.

With a strong ecosystem of partners, ASOCS collaborates with tier one carriers, enterprises and cloud companies to revolutionize the way cellular networks are deployed, managed and scaled. visit to learn more.


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